Version: 1.0
Date: August 2017

Casumo - Advertising Guidelines for all markets

The below guidelines are meant to serve as a quick access to the main obligations of the Affiliate under its agreement with Casumo. These guidelines do not constitute the agreement between Casumo and the Affiliate. The Terms and Conditions for the Affiliate Programme (i.e. the Agreement) shall supercede any provision hereunder at all times.

This guide covers the advertising rules for ALL types of advertising such as (but not limited to) Banners, Mailers, Reviews, Native ads and SMS sendouts. These rules MUST be followed by all affiliates. If breached, your affiliate account might be closed and depending on the severity of the breach, pending commissions may not be paid out. Any eventual fine from the regulators due to incorrect or bad behaviour from an affiliate might be partly or fully passed on to the affiliate.

Market Specific Limitations

United Kingdom

  • Only SEO and PPC traffic allowed.
  • No SMS, Email, Social, Native or any kind of direct marketing is allowed unless approved by a manager
  • All sources and changes need to be cleared by a manager before anything goes live.
  • General Guidelines

  • Sales promotions shall always be clear and accurately advertised
  • Adverts shall not directly or indirectly feature themes that link gambling to toughness,resilience or recklessness
  • Adverts shall not give the impression that gambling can be a main source of income or an activity to resort for the payment of debts
  • Adverts and promotions shall always be in accordance with the company’s effort to promote social responsibility and responsible gambling. Amongst others, the Affiliate shall ensure that adverts and promotions do not encourage gambling in ways that might appeal to children, young people and/or vulnerable adults
  • ALL advertisement need to clearly state that "T&C apply" and also include all informations about the promotion advertised, including but not limited to bonus and freespins requirements
  • All mentions of Casumo need to clearly state 18+ and T&C apply
  • Rules for Advertising

  • All adverts shall clearly indicate that the gambling activity promoted is to be only exercised by persons who are over 18 years of age
  • All adverts shall expressly state how to make use of an offer. For avoidance of doubt, customers shall always be provided with sufficient information in order to be able to make an informed decision prior to opting to accede to a promotion. For example, the customer has to be fully made aware of all wagering requirements, limitations of bonus offers etc
  • Any misleading offers shall not be deemed to satisfy the above criterion. This includes but is not limited to incorrect information, for example, the promotion of a higher theoretical RTP than that confirmed by the game provider or Casumo
  • No advert shall be targeted to or appeal in any way to people under 18 years of age
  • Any promotions including large winnings by Casumo customers shall be real ones
  • Statements which are either aimed at rushing the customer into a decision or are considered to be an aggressive promotion technique shall not be used. Such untolerated statements include but are not restricted to: “You have won x amount of bonus”, “This bonus is only available today” (if the offer is not time-barred), “Get rich today”
  • All advertising has to clearly state that it is not coming from Casumo
  • Rules for any kind of Send outs

  • Customer's’ subscription to receiving marketing material from the affiliate shall be on an opt-in basis, preferably double opt-in
  • Send outs shall have an “unsubscribe” link which would enable the customer to opt out of receipt of any marketing material in the future
  • The text to be sent to the Customers shall always to be approved by Casumo
  • All sendouts shall expressly provide that the sender is not Casumo

  • Rules to be a Casumo Streamer

  • Every streamer with an active channel (500+ followers) with an existing, engaging community and great content, is more than welcome to promote us.
  • All we need is the stream to be respectful towards the audience as well as Casumo. So be on your bestest behavior and don’t share inappropriate or false information or any kind of activity that would harm others or Casumo in any possible way.
  • If you want to stream in the UK or in English, you’ll need to be 25+ years old due to the strict UKGC regulations.
  • Please read our full guidelines on how to become a Casumo Streamer right here

  • If you have further questions or any doubts about what you can do or not do, then please get in touch with your manager or contact us by email and we will be more than happy to guide you or answer any questions you might have.